Welcome Attorney Seth Glazer!

Sodoma Law is proud to announce that attorney Seth A. Glazer has joined the firm and its Family Law practice group. Seth, a native of Charlotte and graduate of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, has been practicing family law primarily and is excited about his...read more

New Year, New Budget

So you have your first paycheck of the new year, this year will be different right? You decided to save more, spend less and you are doing great, no morning lattes at that expensive coffee shop and of course you are packing your lunch everyday. Let’s be honest -you...read more

What is Common Law Marriage?

Common Law Marriage is not recognized in North Carolina; however, “if the acts alleged to have created it took place in a state in which such a marriage is valid” North Carolina will recognize the marriage. State v. Alford, 298 N.C. 465, 473, 259 S.E.2d 242, 247...read more

Don’t Leave Money on the (Kitchen) Table

Do you have a retirement plan—an IRA, 401(k), or other employer-sponsored pension plan?  If you do, you likely understand the value of seeking the advice of a professional in planning for you retirement.  It should be no different when married couples separate and...read more

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