Sesame Street Supports Divorce Education

Most of us think about Sesame Street as a children’s television show. Did you also know that Sesame Street has teamed with the AFCC to help children transition with issues related to separation and divorce? With the help of sweet Abby Cadabby, a current more

Sodoma Law Teams with Barrister Technologies

  Technology is advancing so quickly these days, with apps for almost everything, it seems impossible to keep up.  Each employee at Sodoma Law strives to know how to be most effective and productive while also having a little fun.   This week, the team more

Parental Alienation Recognized

Parental Alienation is a hot topic in high conflict Child Custody Cases across the country.  Unfortunately, the terms are used so frequently, the Courts often disregard the significant harm Parental Alienation can cause in a parent-child relationship more

Attorney Penelope Hefner Receives Award

  On May 1, 2013, Attorney Penelope Hefner received the Commitment to Justice Award for her hard work and contribution to the Legal Representation Project of Safe Alliance.   Safe Alliance (formerly known as United Family Services) has many opportunities more

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