On Friday, May 2, 2014, Charleston will host the North Carolina Bar Association’s Annual Family Law Section Conference and Meeting at the Francis Marion Hotel.  The Conference, “Child’s Play: An Overview of Custody Issues”, will provide attendees with an in-depth, critical analysis of the considerations and challenges that the 21st century family law practitioner faces in handling a custody case, including:

  • Examining jurisdictional thresholds in domestic and foreign custody cases
  • Learning about the impact of juvenile court issues and the involvement of child protective services in Chapter 50
  • Considering how schools view custody orders
  • Knowing when third parties may intervene in a custody case
  • Understanding how developmental stages of children can affect the success of parenting schedules
  • Analyzing factors to be considered in relocation cases
  • Summarizing recent changes to NC’s military custody statute
  • Reviewing the important appellate cases in family law from the past year

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