Considering saying “I Do”?  Then, don’t miss attorney Jennifer Paternostro’s advice in Bridal Guide.  As Ms. Paternostro explains, “Soak up the joy that surrounds you and delight in the love that is shared between you, but do so while making smart, informed decisions about your future… it is imperative to have the open, honest and sometimes difficult conversations early on to avoid possible pitfalls in the future.”  Read more here.
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Marriage is wonderful… weddings are beautiful. There’s the thrill of being in love and sharing your commitment with family and friends. There’s the joy of planning a day that’s uniquely yours and the happiness of celebrating with guests. And then there’s the after-the-wedding-day reality that inevitably sets in. After all, your marriage is bound to be an adventure, a roller-coaster ride filled with ups and downs, highs and lows and all sorts of unexpected detours and surprises. And if your relationship is solid and you two are truly the best of friends, committed to staying together and working through any difficulties that arise, then the rewards will be plentiful.

Which is why my blog today focuses on a couple of key points that both of you need to address — if you haven’t already — in these months leading up to the big day. We spoke with attorney Jennifer E. Paternostro, from the Sodoma Law firm, a leading family law firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, for some expert advice. Here, her “I Do To-Do List.”

Read the full article here.

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