Legal Eagles: What to Expect as an LGBTQ Couple Adopting

What should you expect when you are a LGBTQ couple waiting to adopt your first child? Sodoma Law attorney, Penelope Hefner, details the month by month steps towards adoption as you wait eagerly to grow your family. Know What to Expect more

A Lawyer’s Tips on Protecting Yourself from the Storm

Protect your valuables: Protect keepsakes in waterproof containers and/or take the items with you if you evacuate. Also, make sure important documents, such as an insurance policy or mortgage papers, are stored in a safe deposit or fire safe box. Make a backup set more
Choosing Independence – Is Divorce Right For Me?

Choosing Independence – Is Divorce Right For Me?

The fireworks are flying. It is loud and heating up. No, this isn’t a Fourth of July celebration. It’s your home and you are fighting with your spouse. Again. Maybe you have finally decided you have had enough. If you are considering choosing your independence and wanting to take steps to separate, you may be wondering, ”Is Divorce right for me?”

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Good Night, and Good Luck: George Clooney Plans for Parenthood

Handsome bachelor meets gorgeous attorney. The match between George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin seemed to be made in heaven. They fell in love, were married by Clooney’s best friend, and settled into their new marital bliss. What more could you ask for? A baby? more