Regardless of the complexities of your case, it is our mission to provide zealous advocacy, compassion, and excellent assistance to each client we serve. Please consider completing the following survey to help us further exemplify our firm’s fundamentals and core values.

As a thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, for our current clients, we are pleased to offer a one-time $25 credit towards your invoice.

At the discretion of the firm, the information provided in this survey may be anonymously published.

Survey Questionnaire
Type of Case *
Are you aware that Sodoma Law has a Divorce Concierge to help you with all non-legal issues in your domestic case? *
If so, how did you hear about our divorce concierge?
Did you speak with or meet with Lynn, our Divorce Concierge, for a free consultation after you hired the firm for your domestic case? *
If you spoke to or met with Lynn, did she explain her services sufficiently?
Have you used Sodoma Law's Divorce Concierge during your domestic case? *
If you have not, why?
Were you aware of our various practice areas that we offer and how they can help our clients?

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