Strength, tenacity, intelligence – these are some qualities people seek when looking for a divorce lawyer to represent them in such a trying situation as a divorce. Anyone who has ever vetted divorce lawyers may discover, however, how difficult it can be to find such traits and not just blogs on the internet touting those characteristics as a way to create a client base. Many blogs point to other qualities such as:

-Skilled at case building
-Excellent communicator
-Maintains composure
-Displays confidence
-Expert negotiator
-Committed to client

These are wonderful attributes, and pretty common to good attorneys, but should you expect more as a client? For anyone who’s ever been through a divorce, the answer is yes. Having a skilled attorney who is competent in their craft is necessary, but finding an attorney who will actually lead you through the process is so much more.

Good Divorce Lawyers Provide Direction
New Life Next ExitOne of the most overlooked but extremely important qualities a divorce attorney can possess is leadership. Not the kind of leadership that requires taking men to battle, but rather the type of one-on-one leadership that provides a firm hand to help navigate difficult circumstances. Many attorneys often forget that most clients are not familiar with the law, are intimidated by it, and worse, worry about the unexpected obstacles that can emerge. An attorney who is able to command the situation and give their client a sense of control and direction is rare. Keeping a client calm and in control will not only help the process go smoothly, it can lead to better negotiations and possibly a faster resolution. A good lawyer will guide their client through the process, enabling all parties to reach the best conclusion possible.

A Divorce Lawyer Should Be Frank
People come from different perspectives and particularly so in divorce. Both parties come to the table feeling damaged and wronged by the other. The worst thing an attorney can do in this situation is to feed that fire. This is one time that being frank is critical. Telling someone you are going to fight for their rights is a great slogan, but often what someone thinks they are owed, compared with what the law recognizes, can be at odds. A good attorney will lay out the best case scenario verses the worst case. Clients should not be told what the want to hear but rather what they need to hear. Frankness cannot be undervalued in such circumstances. Any attorney who is unwilling to be frank with their client, does a disservice to the whole process.  

The Stress Factor
Stress during divorce is so high they’ve penned a name for it “divorce stress syndrome”. Psychology Today has even come up with a divorce stress scale where a person can go and measure stress levels. An attorney cannot take away the stress that comes from a broken relationship, but what they can do is provide a clear vision of how the process will go. Being able to map out the procedure can provide structure and often relieve anxiety. While no one can predict every bump in the road, giving an outline and direction of how things will proceed allows a client to prepare emotionally, financially, and even physically for the changes they are about to undergo. Maybe it is too much to say that a good attorney can relieve stress, but they can certainly help a client be informed and educated enough to manage it.

Divorce and LawyerThe divorce attorney who possesses such qualities above doesn’t just perform their job, they understand their value, role, and worth to a client and a client’s children. Providing that “light at the end of the tunnel” feeling is irreplaceable and beyond measure. A good divorce attorney can deliver hope and a sense that while this is a highly emotional event, it will pass, healing will come, and life will resume to normal again. They help their client envision an ending, and picture a future with less emotional turmoil. They are able to push clients past hurt feelings and move toward the vision of a life after divorce. Thousands of people file for divorce every day, but those who find the right attorney can come through it with less stress, more confidence, and a clearer vision of what their future will be.

At Sodoma Law, our attorneys are not just skilled in their practice, but are leaders who comfortably navigate families through the difficult ups and downs of a marriage dissolution. Please contact us today if we can be of service to you or those you love.

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