Attorney Fees FAQs

How can I keep my costs to a minimum?
Sodoma Law offers many suggestions to clients as to how to keep attorney fees low. Among other things, we ask that our clients come as prepared as possible to meetings so that each meeting is productive and effective. We ask our clients to assist us in keeping their files organized so as to lower administrative costs related to hearing and/or settlement preparations. We often work with clients to prepare “to do” lists so as to further reduce their legal fees.
Can I pay my attorney fees by credit card?
Absolutely! Sodoma Law accepts all major credit cards and encourages our clients to pay their fees by credit card if they so choose in order to obtain credit card perks such as airline miles, rewards points, etc. In fact, you can even pay your outstanding balance online for your convenience and/or leave a credit card on file in order to have an automatic debit put in place.
I want to hire an attorney, but I have limited cash flow, what are my options?
Hiring a lawyer is an important and often very difficult decision. However, an experienced family law attorney can provide a wealth of knowledge and guidance and has the ability to advocate and protect your legal rights as you go through the divorce process. At Sodoma Law, we will do our best to work with each client on our fee structure and our clients always have the option of paying for our services by credit card.
How much does it cost to get divorced?
Attorney fees you may incur for obtaining an absolute divorce judgment vary depending on the case, to include whether you have to appear and provide testimony, whether you are able to obtain service on the opposing party, and more. The filing fee payable to the Clerk of Court in your county is $225.00. The entry of an absolute divorce judgment is separate from the division of property, alimony, child custody, child support, and other claims.



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