On October 10, 2014, the law in North Carolina changed as it relates to gay marriage in North Carolina.  At approximately 5:30 pm, an Order was executed and filed by U. S. District Court Judge Max Cogburn in Asheville, North Carolina.  Effectively, this Order removes Amendment One which banned the state’s law restricting marriage to only men and women.  It was virtually impossible to keep up with the activity leading up to the entry of the Order this week; however, there is no doubt that anyone will be able to ignore the activity that will follow.

While there is the possibility of an appeal of the decision, it certainly follows suit with the majority of the country.  North Carolina law on these types of issues have been a significant part of the practice at A.R.T. at Sodoma Law as the attorneys who practice in this area have been working with nontraditional families for years.  With the lack of statutory authority and law on surrogacy agreements and adoptions for same sex families, our attorneys have been able to create parenting plans and agreements in order to establish rights that would have otherwise been unprotected.  As we see the changes unfold in North Carolina law as it relates to gay marriage, we will likely see changes to these other laws as well as, to include laws that address dissolution of those same marriages.

Regardless of opinion on the issues of gay marriage, surrogacy and adoption, as family law attorneys at Sodoma Law and A.R.T. at Sodoma Law, we will continue to monitor the decisions and changes in order to keep our clients educated and always provide the best resolution for their families and children regardless of the circumstances.

For a copy of the Court’s ruling and more information, email us at info@sodomalaw.com or call 704.442.0000.

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