Alexandra KitchenWhen clients think about people who work at a law firm, they typically think of lawyers. But there’s a whole team of paralegals, administrative assistants, and firm administration who help ensure a law firm’s success. At Sodoma Law, administrative assistant Alexandra Kitchen is one of these important people. With an infectious, positive attitude, Alexandra always brightens the office. But beyond her work at Sodoma Law, there’s much more to this engaging lady than her professional life. Learn about her passions, pleasures, personality and more!

Alexandra’s Most Rewarding Jobs

Before joining Sodoma Law, Alexandra worked as an unpaid intern for the Office of Education Abroad at UNC Charlotte.  Recounting her time in the position, Alexandra explained, “My passion for traveling developed in college, and I was motivated to encourage other students to study abroad and experience the world and its many differences,” she said.  “It was during my internship where I felt like I was being pushed out of my comfort zone, and yet, I felt the most in my element. I truly began to believe that passion is a driving factor and being passionate about our ‘jobs’ keeps us reaching further.”

In addition to having a past job that she considers rewarding, Alexandra has an important position with Sodoma Law that she considers incredibly rewarding: working as an administrative assistant at our family law firm.  “I saw myself entering graduate school after college to become a family counselor, but as I realized graduate school wasn’t something I wanted to jump into, I was hired as the administrative assistant at Sodoma Law and fell in love with the job,” Alexandra said.  “I love the people and, even more, I love their passions.”  Alexandra always looks for ways to help others and build strong, positive relationships with every person she encounters.  Speaking of building these positive relationships, Alexandra said, “Families, especially broken families, have always pulled at my heartstrings.  Nothing brings me more happiness than to see a family with a loving and supportive bond.”

Personal Passions and Pleasures

So far, we’ve seen what makes Alexandra a great person when it comes to her professional life, but hearing her speak of her personal passions and pleasures completes the portrait of her as a person.  So, what are her passions?

“I love cheese,” Alexandra confessed.  “It’s my favorite snack in the entire world, but I’ve come to realize that it’s highly addictive and not the healthiest snack, thanks to Dr. Oz.”  To fight her urge to consume large amounts of delicious cheese, Alexandra tries to focus on more healthy food groups.  “I would have to say my favorite food group is fruits,” she said.  “I enjoy all fruits because they are healthy, sweet and refreshing. This is a silly reason for loving fruits, but they are extremely colorful, and sometimes too pretty to eat!”

Alexandra’s Plans on a Lazy Saturday

“On an ideal Saturday, I’m definitely sleeping in,” she confessed.  “Nothing feels better than a few extra hours of sleep, and after that, I would snuggle up with a good book or movie and a cup of coffee.”  Considering all the passionate, devoted work that she performs for Sodoma Law, we think Alexandra deserves to relax on Saturdays with all the fruit and reading pleasure she can handle!

A Winning Personal Philosophy

Alexandra caps off her personal interview by reiterating what motivates her to be the passionate, highly effective person she is each day for Sodoma Law.  “I love the passion I see each and every day,” Alexandra said.  “Everyone works so hard and for such a great purpose. There are no days where I don’t feel accomplishment.”  Speaking about her role as an administrative assistance, Alexandra said, “Being an administrative assistant definitely has its perks—my days are exciting because there are a variety of tasks I take on, and each day is different. I enjoy multitasking and being asked to solve problems.”

Family law is definitely a legal area where things can get interesting, and we need passionate, motivated people on our side who are thoroughly engaged in meeting the challenges family brings, for better or worse.  If you stop by Sodoma Law’s office on East Morehead Street and you’re greeted by a friendly administrative assistant with an infectious smile, know that you’ve just run into our very own Alexandra Kitchen!

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