Amanda CubitBeing a lawyer has been a prominent dream since high school for Amanda Cubit. The naturally fast paced environment of family law has continued to be a drawing point and a quick run is sometimes all she needs to clear her head. Amanda’s dedication to learning, past experiences, and her love for the law have helped her gain a unique flair for handling family law cases. Learn more about what motivates Amanda Cubit in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

Waiting Tables: It’s a Challenge!

Amanda’s most challenging job prior to practicing law was working as a waitress at Olive Garden. “It wasn’t easy managing multiple hungry tables full of people who wanted breadsticks – lots of breadsticks,” she said. The challenges of being a waitress at a busy restaurant definitely helped her develop a skill for working with people of varying backgrounds. “It taught me a lot,” she said, “believe it or not, I still use many of the skills I learned as a waitress today.”

Working Outside of the Law

When asked about what she would do if not in this field, Amanda struggled to provide an answer. “I’ve honestly wanted to be a lawyer since I was in 9th grade, so this is hard,“ she said. Her biggest challenge when it comes to practicing law is managing the stress that comes with it. “I think I would be a yoga instructor,” she said, “I could benefit from some of the techniques yogis use to manage stress!”

Pizza: Her Dream Food

Food, it might be a necessity, but everyone has that one indulging item they would love to eat all the time. For her, the answer to eating one food forever is pizza. “If I could eat pizza every day for the rest of my life, without any of the negative consequences,” she said, “I would be a happy girl.”

Stress Relief on a Saturday

A Saturday off of work would be an opportunity for Amanda to go to her “happy place”. “I would go for a run because that always clears my head, then spend the day on the beach,“ she said. The beach gives her the perfect setting for eliminating stress and getting her mind off of work. “I could lay on the beach with my feet in the sand, listening to the waves crash for hours,” she said excitedly, “It’s definitely my “happy place”.”

The Best Part of Practicing Law

Her favorite part of practicing law is the spontaneity of it, as no two days are ever the same. “I love the fast pace nature of the law and constantly learning new ways to approach issues faced by our clients,” she said, “Most of all, I love seeing the positive effect our work has on the lives of our clients.” Her background has definitely had an effect on how she works with people! Amanda’s love for practicing law makes her a valued, determined member of the Sodoma Law team!

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