Amy EppsAmy Epps has many passions including a devotion to family, good times, and food. Besides soaking in the great outdoors, she is dedicated to helping people through their most difficult times. One of her biggest dreams has always been to start her own restaurant! While the type of restaurant is still up for debate, this interest has continuously grown throughout her journey to family law. Learn more about Amy’s heartfelt commitment to our clients and what inspires her in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

Casino Life: It’s Hard Work

Restaurant work, long shifts, and injuries are a frequent tale when people are asked about their most challenging job. “It would have to be my internship at the Harrah’s Casino in Cherokee, NC,” she replied when asked about what job was most challenging for her. “I was on a rotation working in the resort’s four different kitchens while also rotating all 3 shifts,” she said. While casinos are often associated with fun, an internship encompasses a slightly different environment. “Talk about blood, sweat and tears, “ she exclaimed, “I experienced them all and have a couple scars to show for that summer!”

Food as an Alternative Career

Opening her own restaurant has been a dream of Amy’s since the age of 15 and is precisely what she would do if she was not a crucial part of the Sodoma Law Union team. “Through the years the type of restaurant changed from a saloon, to a food truck, and most recently a tearoom,” she said excitedly. Over the last couple of years, she has become fascinated with “all things tea.” Amy explained that she’s spent time educating herself, “and even took a trip to the only tea plantation within the US!”

When she is not dreaming about restaurants, you might find her eating her favorite food: mashed potatoes, with or without gravy. “I’m flexible,” she said, “I think it’s because it reminds me of Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday.” Who wouldn’t see Thanksgiving as the perfect excuse for eating wholesome, good food with the ones you love!

Spending Time Outdoors on a Day OffAmy Epps with dog

Some enjoy a day off by grilling out or going to the beach, but for Amy the ideal day off would be spent out in the wild with family and friends. “I would love to just sit around a campfire somewhere in the mountains eating s’mores and drinking beer,” she said about a rare Saturday off. Sounds like a great way to take a break and get away from it all! “I love being outdoors,” she explained, “There is nothing better than hanging around a campfire with the ones you love.”

What She Enjoys About Family Law

“Family law provides the opportunity to help people,” which is definitely one of her passions! “I like seeing our clients leave our office feeling the weight lifted off of their shoulders,” she explained, “because they know we are going to take care of them.” Besides the ability to help clients as they resolve difficult situations, she also enjoys the learning opportunities presented. . “Each day is different and challenging,” she said. Her ambitious attitude, compassion and devotion to helping our clients are a blessing to Sodoma Law!

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