Andrea M FinkAndrea M. Fink’s past experience as a gymnastics coach has contributed to her ability to work with families and younger children going through difficult times. Gymnastics has provided a foundation for increased confidence, enhanced teamwork skills, and hard work. These skills have carried forward into the practice of family law. Outside of the office, you might find her taking a moment to do yoga or spending time with her little one. Learn more about this hard working, driven gymnast in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

Helping Our Youth to Succeed

Life as a gymnastics coach proved to be one of Andrea’s most rewarding jobs. “I learned so much about confidence, hard work, and teamwork,” she explained. As a gymnastics coach, she strove to provide a positive, inspiring environment for cultivating these skills. “I know it sounds trivial to say, but you really can do anything if you put your mind to it,” she said. For her, the reward was in seeing our youth achieve their goals. “The look on their face when they achieved something they were previously afraid of was truly priceless!” she exclaimed.

A Dream of Realty

Before practicing law, her dream job involved buying and selling houses. “I absolutely love going into old houses and am obsessed with HGTV,” she explained. As a young child, she dreamed of seeing every old historic home in North Carolina. “I suppose I should have taken my own gymnastics mantra (if you put your mind to it you can do anything) she said, “But when I asked strangers if I could tour their home, I got some pretty weird looks.” Ironically, her husband is a real estate agent who reminds her daily about how the dream wasn’t all she thought it would be! It’s a lot of hard work that doesn’t happen during a one hour television show!

Good Eats & A Day Off

“Noodles of any kind, especially Ramen,” she replied when asked about what food she would eat for life. “I know, not healthy at all!” she exclaimed, “I could survive on pasta for the rest of my life!” Her husband often laughs because this was her precise choice at the food court on one of their first dates. “I walked right over to the Chinese takeout, looked at him, and said ‘I love noodles.’”

On a rare day off, she likes to stay active and spend time with her four month old. “I would do yoga and/or Crossfit,” she said, “Then I would spend the entire day laughing and enjoying time with my little one.” After a day of activities and fun, you can find her taking time out to relax. “I would end the day taking a bubble bath with a glass (or two) of wine,” she said.

Best Part of Family Law

Andrea Fink Batman and Allison Relay For LifeEvery day presents new challenges and an opportunity to create new strategies and resolutions. “No two families are alike,” she explained, “It is thrilling to hear their stories and come up with the best way to achieve their goals.” Family Law is often an emotional profession and can be incredibly demanding. “We work every day to help people and when that happens, it all becomes worth it!” she went on to say. Andrea M. Fink’s positive spirit and teamwork has been a valuable asset not only for our clients but also to the rest of the family at Sodoma Law!

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