David DuFaultSodoma Law Attorney David DuFault had options early in his career — would he become a doctor or a lawyer? Happily (for him and for us!), he chose a career in law, but there’s much more to David than his time spent in the office. David loves the rock band KISS, a great round of golf, and superb cuisine. Learn more about this engaging and genial Sodoma Law attorney in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

Life Before Law School

Before he went to law school, David held a job that motivated him to be a physician. “All through high school, I worked as an orderly in the radiology department at our local hospital,” David said.  “Because my mother worked in the ER for many years, and I planned to attend medical school, I got more access than a typical orderly. As a result, I was able to see an ER doctor pop a dislocated shoulder into joint and oversee a hip surgery with the portable x-ray technician.”

David had other interesting career options in mind, too. If he hadn’t become an attorney, David would have focused on his love of literature.  “I probably would have gone on to graduate school to continue studies in English and Literature with the intention of being a college professor,” he said.  “I do like being in a classroom and the idea of talking with students about Moby Dick, or the stories of Edgar Allan Poe would be pretty cool.  Though it’s not as cool as being the Spaceman in KISS,” he confessed.  KISS is one of David’s favorite bands.

A Passionate Personal Life

When he isn’t helping clients, David loves to relax from the challenges of practicing law. “My ideal day is 18 holes of golf with friends, followed by a relaxing afternoon on the water someplace, followed by dinner with the family and a movie to wind down the day,” David said. On the menu would be one of his favorite meals: “medium rare steak, with a side of garlic shrimp scampi and a salad with ripe red tomatoes and gorgonzola crumbles.”

Serving as an Attorney

As much as he enjoys a relaxing day away from the office, David passionately shares what motivates him as a lawyer. “For me, it’s getting to know the clients. All clients have a story to tell, and everyone is different. Hearing the story, finding out what their goals, concerns and fears are, and then trying to find the solution is what makes estate planning and transactional work so much fun.”

At Sodoma Law, estate planning and estate administration are two of our specialties, and David’s expertise in these areas is a part of what makes us one of the leading law firms in North Carolina. Our attorneys are professional yet personable, and we handle our clients’ needs as if they were their own. David plays a major role in helping us maintain this tradition of excellence!

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