Leah DalyLeah Daly has several passions including caring for the environment and spending time enjoying the great outdoors. Whether the task involves recycling or something a little bigger, this family law paralegal is ready for the job! The ability to help people and the planet is a constant motivator for her not only at work, but also at home. Learn more about this caring, nature loving paralegal in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

Her Most Interesting Job

Before working as a paralegal, her most interesting job was with the NC Medicaid department. “My job was to train doctor’s offices and hospital staff to use a web-based program,” she said. The program was designed to track claim information for Medicaid recipients. “The department used it to cut down on doctor shopping for people using the ER or a primary care provider,” she said.

Dedicated to Saving the Planet

While her time at work is spent helping families going through difficult times, her second passion is saving the environment. “I would be a lion tamer, “ she said when asked about her alternative career choice and then added, “Just kidding!” A lion tamer would definitely be interesting, but a dangerous profession choice!

Alternatively, she shared “I would have a career that help saves the planet or maybe an environmental engineer.” Her desire to protect the environment is actively practiced at home as well. “I recycle and use my own bays at the grocery store, “ she said, “I am trying to save the world one bag at a time!”

What Food Calls to Her?

Everyone has that one food item that tantalizes their taste buds and calls to them. For many, it is donuts, ice cream, or another sweet treat, but not for Leah “Pizza, there are so many different kinds!” she responded when asked about her favorite food to eat. A common favorite for many thanks to the extensive variety of choices and flavors!

Enjoying a Day Off from The Law

She enjoys getting out into the great outdoors and experiencing all the beauty this planet has to offer. “In the summer, I would head to the lake or river with a cooler and a raft,” she said. It is definitely the best way to spend time soaking in the sun and relaxing! “I love spending time outside,” she said, “Drifting along is extremely relaxing to me!” When she is not helping people or the planet, you might find her drifting along the river or eating a slice of her favorite pizza.

Favorite Thing About Family LawLeah Daly 2

While some individuals like the constantly changing environment of family law, the ability to help people is what drew her to this profession. “I love to help people,” she said about working as a family law paralegal. Her caring heart and deep desire to make the world a better place are important characteristics for anyone working in this profession. These same traits make Leah an excellent paralegal and a valuable addition to Sodoma Law!

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