Nathan Blutreich Family Law Paralegal

Nathan Blutreich experienced an exciting journey on his way to becoming a family law paralegal. From bounty hunting deep in the woods to acting as head chef in a fine restaurant, Nathan’s life experience is what makes him a strong asset to Sodoma Law’s clients. Learn more about Nathan’s adventures and why he loves being a family law paralegal in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

A Mountain Escapade

Nathan’s quests have definitely held our interest around the office, but they are far more than a story. “I spent 3 months bounty hunting for Eric Rudolph in the southern Appalachian Mountains, “ he said when asked about his most challenging journey. “It was amazing how quickly I gained night-vision and how my senses were heightened after only a few days, “ he said.

Nathan spent days at a time hiking while carrying a heavy backpack and remaining completely self-reliant. “While I didn’t find the million dollar man, the thought of coming face-to-face with one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives was challenging, “ he went on to say.

Food is an Art Form

Twelve years as one of the youngest Executive Chef’s in Club Operations and Property Management has definitely influenced Nathan’s life. When asked about what he would do if not working as a family law paralegal, he replied,  “If I wasn’t taking up the sword of justice, it would definitely be a carving knife.”

“The diversity of Yellowfin Tuna makes it a winner for me, “ he said when considering his food choice for life. Besides several preparation options, this food may be combined with different marinades to infuse flavors. “I am particularly fond of a dish called Hamachi Kama that highlights the cheek and collar of the fish,” Nathan went on to say.

“Fine Dining” on a Saturday

Nathan’s idea of a perfect Saturday off would be spending time with his wife, Teresa. “The scenario is as likely as seeing a unicorn dash through my front yard,” he said. “But if it did happen, I could only hope to spend the day together cooking elaborate four course menus with exotic cocktails to enjoy with my wife,” he continued. It is such a tradition that the couple gave their private restaurant a name “The Wise Owl Bar and Grill” and you guessed it, specials are served daily with one special ingredient “Love”.

A Judicial Samurai of the Law

Nathan gets enjoyment from hearing the good news of former clients after the turmoil has ended. “It takes a special kind of professional to be involved in family law, because every case represents someone’s personal life,” he said. He also enjoys the new learning opportunities, brainstorming sessions, and forensic mysteries behind jury trial preparation.

“I assist the attorney in advocating for a peaceful, reasonable solution,“ he said and then continued, “ But when the olive branch of peace is summarily rejected, woe unto thee opposing party, for I am always a judicial Samurai ready for war.” Nathan’s worldly knowledge and his drive for justice makes him a valued, resourceful member of the Sodoma Law team!

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