Patra Sinner’s past experiences as a high school teacher and an honorary “engineer” at a pharmaceutical plant have certainly laid the foundation for the success she has brought to her family law practice and ultimately Sodoma Law. Throughout her career, no matter the challenge, she has proven herself through hard work and dedication. When she is not working hard in the office, she might be found enjoying her favorite food or spending time with her daughter. She recently championed a local charity event for the Sodoma Law Foundation where we joined with Fashion & Compassion to raise money for Pat’s Place. Learn more about this “go getting” mom in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

Rising Above Her Most Challenging Moments

One of her most challenging jobs involved teaching high school students. “I can assure you that trying to find a way to entertain and educate a room full of teenagers is much more intimidating than litigating!” she exclaimed. Keeping them focused on learning was difficult. “I tried to find creative ways to turn on their brains and connect in a way that would get them excited about learning,” she explained. On her first day, a student tried to make herself sick just to get out of class! “Thankfully, my classes were less chaotic and it was a great experience for me,” she said.

As an assistant to a 15 person project management engineer team, she worked closely with the management team for a pharmaceutical plant. “There were not many women on my team and I was much younger than most,” she explained, “I dedicated myself to earning their respect through hard work.” As one of the few women engineers, this must have been exasperating! However, she was awarded her honorary “engineer” title by the team for her hard work. “I still have my hard hat!” she said excitedly.

Life Outside of Family Law

Her ideal alternative career path would have been in the arts or entertainment business such as public relations or productions. “I had an online music magazine with friends for a number of years where we managed and booked various bands,” she explained, “We also hosted a radio show at WUSC called Pirate Nerd Radio.”

Her love for culture goes beyond a possible career path in arts or entertainment. Over the summer, she traveled to Spain and Portugal where Patatas Bravas become her favorite food. “I am still thinking about the delicious food!” she said. It was hard for her to come up with an answer when asked how she would spend a Saturday away from work. “That would be such an anomaly,” she said, but after a little searching, she shared that an ideal break might be having a spa day with her daughter, booking a quick weekend getaway, or checking out a local event.

Her Favorite Part of Practicing Law

Family law is an environment where every case must be handled with care. “I love that each case is unique and we continue to learn on a daily basis,” she said about practicing law. Every case presents a different set of circumstances where creative thinking is essential to providing the best solution. “This inspires us to search for new ideas and strategies, which keeps things interesting,” she said. Patra’s unique job experiences and passion for creative thinking have made her an tremendous member of the Sodoma Law team!


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