Penelope Hefner 300x257Penelope (Penny) Hefner’s decision to practice family law and dedication to clients stems from her love of helping people stand up for themselves and making a difference. As a wife and mother of two boys, she is no stranger to a hectic day or coming up with a solution on the fly. Her past work experiences have also helped her fine-tune the necessary skills for managing a busy environment. Learn more about her interests and active lifestyle in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

Waitressing: It’s a Tough Gig!

What was her most challenging job before becoming an Attorney and Principal at Sodoma Law? “Being a waitress at my parents’ deli,” she replied. The job requires a unique ability to work through unexpected turmoil in a fast-paced setting. “It was challenging to keep everyone happy in a very busy, hectic environment,” she explained, “Especially when they were hungry!”

Life as a Kindergarten Teacher

It is always interesting to find out what career someone might choose if they were not working in family law. For Penny, the ideal alternative career would be as a kindergarten teacher. “Because I love children,” she answered as to why. “I would really like to use the creative part of my brain to come up with activities and ways to engage little people,” she shared. Interestingly enough,  a lot of what Penny does as a family law attorney does help children, often on matters of significance. She helps parents work out custody schedules, she advocates for a parent’s right to be involved in their child’s life and focuses on the importance of putting family first. . So, while she may not get to come up with sweet little crafts and read fun little stories, she gets to make a lasting mark on a child’s life nonetheless.

Not Greek Food?

A little known fact about Penny is that she is Greek! If you didn’t know before today, Greek culture is infamous for their amazing cuisine. So, you would think when we asked Penny what her favorite food is she would say “gyro” or “spanakopita,” but alas- she chose the Italian route. When asked about her favorite food, Penny exclaimed, “Pizza because it has all the food groups!” I don’t think you can disagree with that logic!

What Would She Do on a Day Off?

For Penny, an ideal day off would involve playing with her children and spending time with her husband. “I would get breakfast with my husband and boys,” she said. Crispy Crepe is their current favorite go-to. “Then go to the park or Discovery Place to play,” she added. After wearing her little ones out, it is time for a little “me time.” “While the boys were napping, I would get my nails done!” she exclaimed. Once nap-time was over, it would be back to spending more time with her boys! “At the end a fun day off, my husband and I would go to dinner and see a movie,” she continued to say. There was a time, pre-children, when Penny and her husband would see every Oscar-nominated film. They have slowed down since then, but Penny still enjoys going to the movies any chance she gets.

Best Thing About Family Law

As a family law attorney, one of the best feelings is having the ability to stand by the side of someone going through a difficult time and giving them the voice they need. “Serving as an advocate for those who cannot or are too afraid to speak for themselves,” was her answer when asked about what she enjoys most in family law. As both a Principal and an Attorney at Sodoma Law Union, Penny’s dedication to clients and positive outlook continue to be a blessing!

We are proud of Penny for being recognized as a 2016 Mecklenburg Times 50 Most Influential Woman! From the moment she walked through the doors, to becoming a Principal at Sodoma Law and now leading the Sodoma Law Union office, she has embodied #TheSodomaWay. Her drive, compassion and tenacity both in and out of the courtroom are an inspiration to those around her and we hope you enjoyed getting to know a little more about her!

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