Taylor BracknerTaylor Brackner might enjoy working in the legal field, but you could say she has a passion for animals as well. As a former Veterinary Technician, her experiences have definitely been beneficial for understanding the sensitive nature of family law. Her interests are many and on any day you might find her lounging around in PJ’s or even swimming with the fish. Find out more about her path as a caring and dedicated team player in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

Working with Animals was a Challenge

“Talented Taylor” as you might call her, has a unique set of abilities including juggling (yes, juggling!) and caring for animals. “I was a Veterinary Technician before I started with Sodoma Law,” she said when asked about her most challenging job. As you can imagine, not every animal that came into our clinic had it easy and even if they did, it still got wild. “You see some pretty crazy things working with animals all day!” she said.

Professional Scuba Diver…Watch Out Fish!

Her love for animals has definitely continued even throughout her career path in family law. “I would most definitely be a professional scuba diver!” she said about an alternative career path. “I would love to swim with fish all the time…” However, fish might want to be on the lookout, as Sushi is her favorite food and she could get hungry! “Sushi! Sushi never gets boring!” she said excitedly about her food choice for life. An interesting combo, but her caring nature will surely keep those fish safe!

What to do on a Saturday?

For some, an ideal Saturday might be spending time with family, dancing at a club, or going to the movies, but not for Taylor. “I would stay in my PJ’s and watch continuous episodes of “The Office” all day….” she said when asked about what she would do if a Saturday off was in the cards.  “I think it sounds so appealing because it is not a very realistic thing for me,” she continued to say. Most could agree that binge watching a show in your PJ’s is definitely a way to relax. If only we all had time to make it happen!

Passionate About Family Law

What does Taylor love about family law? Her heartfelt answer brought smiles. For her, working at Sodoma Law is simply rewarding. “I can’t explain why I love what I do, I just love it!” she said. “Talented Taylor” has a knack for juggling her many responsibilities and has a passion for her work, making her a true asset and beloved member of the Sodoma Law family.

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