Five Tips for Navigating the Path from Separation to Divorce in North Carolina.

5 Quick Tips Now That The Ink is Dry

Now that the ink has dried on your separation agreement, you may wonder what happens next. The period between legal separation and divorce gives you time to work with your attorney to tie up any loose ends ahead of officially filing for divorce.

For those currently navigating the path from separation to divorce, here’s a list of tasks you may want to tackle:

1. Store Your Separation Agreement in a Safe Place

Most likely, you’ll walk out of your attorney’s office with an original copy of your separation agreement. Treat your document with the same care as other important documents in your life. Recommended storage options include a safe deposit box or a fireproof safe.

2. Change Your Beneficiaries and Update Your Estate Documents

When you have a new lease on life, the last thing you want to think about is dying. However, until the Judge signs the divorce decree, you are still legally married to your ex. Ensure that your end-of-life documents and beneficiaries on policies, such as life insurance, align with your intentions regarding your ex. If you don’t have estate documents, get them! These documents protect your assets and their desired recipients.

3. Gather All Title Transfer Documents to Sign

In the separation agreement, there will be provisions for property transfers between you and your ex. Collaborate with your attorney to gather and complete any necessary documents, such as car titles or property deeds, that need your signature for transfer. Likewise, ensure all required paperwork is provided to your ex for asset transfer. To ensure a smooth process, communicate with your attorney as certain transfers may require specialized documents, like court orders.

4. Pay Attention to Deadlines

Expect your separation agreement to include various deadlines that you must meet. Non-compliance might lead to a lawsuit being filed against you for breaching the contract. Pay careful attention to deadlines and fulfill your obligations before they run out. In fact, it’s a good idea to mark these deadlines on your calendar so you are aware of them well before they arrive.

5. Start Paying Your Obligations or Make Sure They’re Paid to You

Your obligations for child support and spousal support may be specified in your separation agreement. Should this occur, it will also outline when you should start paying (or receiving) those payments and the method in which they are to be made. Both parties should carefully follow these instructions to avoid falling behind on any outlined obligations. If you are the party receiving support, make sure you have provided your soon-to-be-ex with the information they need to get support to you, like bank account and routing numbers. Once payments start, both parties should keep track of the payments either through receipts or bank account records. Store this information in a safe place.

Now that your separation agreement is finalized, you’re poised to embark on the next chapter of your life with clarity and purpose. By securely storing your agreement and updating your estate documents, you are safeguarding your future and ensuring your intentions are accurately reflected. Paying close attention to deadlines is paramount, as is fulfilling your obligations outlined in the agreement. Remember, these are all steps toward building a solid foundation for your and your family’s future peace and well-being.

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