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My first experience with the hardships families can face came early in life when I was placed in foster care at a young age. Though I would be adopted by my now loving and supporting family, there is no doubt my experience helped shape me into who I am today. As someone who had many people advocate on my behalf throughout my life, I grew up knowing I wanted a career where I could advocate for others. Today, that passion for advocacy has led me to the law.

My interest in pursuing a career in law was piqued during my time at UNC Charlotte. I volunteered as guardian ad litem while in college and knew immediately that I wanted to become an attorney. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies, I moved to Raleigh to attend Campbell Law School. At Campbell, my studies included classes in family and special education law with a focus on advocating for families and children. I also completed internships at the Council for Children’s Rights, Wake County Guardian ad Litem, and a local family law firm. My passion for advocacy extended beyond the classroom as well, acting as both a volunteer and co-manager of the Veterans Pro Bono project. Eventually, what I learned in my classes, combined with the hands-on experience offered in my internships, would cement my desire to become a family law attorney.

My knowledge and experience, combined with my fearless (and often fierce) advocacy, allows me to best advise, educate, and guide the families I work with. Regardless of the obstacles that may lie ahead, there is one thing my clients know for certain: I will be there every step of the way, relentlessly advocating for them, their families, and their needs.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, staying active, and spending time with my husband and my two dogs, Teddy and Benji.


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