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I profoundly believe in the classic notion of the American Dream. I believe that people everywhere should be given equal justice under the law and the opportunity for their own pursuit of happiness, no matter what kind of family they come from, what kind of area they live in, or the odds they have against them. While I may not be able to single-handedly reform all that is wrong in the world, I can give my clients and their families the best possible shot at equal justice and the opportunity to pursue their own happiness.

After a childhood spent in Asheville, NC, I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill twice. Yes, twice! The first time was to get my BA in Political Science, and the second was to earn a JD. In between those two degrees, I interned for the NC legislature and volunteered in politics. The opportunity to meet and learn from all types of new and interesting people seemed endless. In a sense, I was trying to save the world. Candidly, I still am, a little piece at a time.

This is the energy and mindset I take into every case. Every client has a unique story with their own fears, challenges, and history. I take all of these, distill them, and shape them into a tool to push for the best possible outcome. In much the same way, I have spent the last several years forging myself into a better human so that I may continue to help shape the world into a better place for everyone around me. I am passionate, sharp, and when the occasion calls for it – downright pugnacious. I chose this career because I know how to fight for what is right, and because fighting is difficult and courageous. No matter how hard it gets, knowing my clients are depending on me to guide them through some of the most challenging moments of their lives makes every moment worth it. Nothing is more satisfying than helping someone emerge from a challenge with their goals met and their fears assuaged. To me, this career is so much more than a paycheck, it’s my responsibility and the essence of who I am.


  • UNC Chapel Hill with a BA
  • UNC Chapel Hill school of law JD

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  • Pending Bar Admission

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  • Eagle Scout

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