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As a business owner, you have made significant sacrifices to get where you are today. Because of those sacrifices, it is crucial to have a business attorney who is familiar with the intricacies of your company on speed dial to protect your business and assets at a moment’s notice. Regardless of the form of your business entity, the Business Law attorneys at Sodoma Law will stand by your side and serve you, from the moment your entity is formed to the day you decide to sell, merge or dissolve your business.

If you are still in the planning phase, you need a business law attorney you can trust to help you decide which business structure is best for you. The team at Sodoma Law will help you understand the pros and cons of the various entity options file the necessary documents with the Secretary of State, and work alongside your other trusted advisors to ensure your business is properly organized to provide the greatest protection. We like to think of this phase as the creating the “blueprint of your business.” It is crucial to create, and then follow, this blueprint to allow for the ultimate success of the company as well as the proper protection of your business assets and personal assets.

As your business expands, you’ll need to create or review numerous documents and agreements – everything from vendor/customer contracts to employment agreements to commercial real estate lease documents to loan documentation. An experienced business law attorney can draft these agreements to protect your interests, and evaluate the rick reward of the terms within the contracts. Thinking of becoming a franchisee or have a concept that you want to franchise? Our Business Law team is experienced at navigating state and federal laws surrounding franchise offerings as well, from the perspective of the franchisor and the franchisee.

Every established and growing company needs a trusted business law attorney available to provide outside counsel as the need arises. Business lawyers can provide the expertise you need for collection of accounts receivables, breach of contract claims, and when necessary, litigation surrounding fraud, unfair and deceptive trade practices, complex business disputes, shareholder actions, and landlord tenant matters, and much more. Early access to a business law attorney allows you to focus on what matters, the operations the company, while knowing the business’ legal rights are being protected.

Sodoma Law’s Business Law attorneys also offer Annual Corporate Minute Evaluations (ACME). Participating clients receive a questionnaire in January of each year to document and create the minutes of their required annual shareholder and director meetings. The questionnaire allows our Business Law attorneys to prepare personalized annual corporate minutes to document corporate expenditures, dividends, property acquisitions, and other important events in the life of your corporation. Some newly organized businesses opt for monthly or quarterly “checkups” with our Business Law attorneys to make sure their questions are answered and their documents reviewed on a regular basis. Whatever your needs, Sodoma Law Business Law attorneys can tailor a client-specific approach to the operation of your business.

Owning and operating a business comes with great rewards but with that also inevitably comes certain risks. The hard work and equity put into the company does not need to be for not as certain protections are available under bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy can be a distressing prospect; however, our business law team can make the entire process more comfortable. Whether you’re considering chapter 11 bankruptcy to reorganize the business with addressing poor debt / financing loans and/or business contracts or whether the desire is to liquidate the assets and dissolve the corporation via chapter 7 bankruptcy, our experienced lawyers can walk you through each stage, answer your questions, and fight for the best outcome for business.

Business succession is often an area business owners think about least. Lifetime sales of the business or its assets; dissolution in which the business shuts its doors; or transfers of ownership at death are all avenues that exist for business succession. Perhaps you’re interested in selling your entire business, or maybe you want to grow your business by acquiring competitors or a company in a new industry, maybe you simply want to close the doors and retire. Sodoma Law’s team of experienced Business Law attorneys will help you navigate every aspect of business succession, making sure you walk away from your business on your terms with the assets and protection you worked tirelessly for and deserve.

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