Mergers and Acquisitions

Sodoma Law’s Business Law Practice Group has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions. Asset purchases, stock or membership acquisitions, statutory mergers. There are almost as many forms as you can imagine. But not all forms work for all clients. Sodoma Law’s attorneys will review your proposed plan, advise you on the tax and business ramifications, and draft the necessary documents to ensure what you wanted is what you’re getting. Whether you are an acquiring company or the target of acquisition, the experienced and knowledgeable attorneys of Sodoma Law’s Business Law Practice Group can guide you and assist you through the entire process.

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The Sodoma Way

When I opened the doors to Sodoma Law in 2008, it was with the intention of building a different kind of firm. When I started to put together the team, I focused on creating a culture unlike any other I had encountered: a “firm family” that showed commitment to our clients, to our team and to our community. Over time, this concept has become known as “The Sodoma Way.”

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