Business Litigation

Sodoma Law has experienced attorneys who represent businesses in all aspects of business disputes and litigation. From small, family-owned companies to large, well-established businesses, our business litigation attorneys represent and guide clients through the litigation process. As client advocates, Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys protect the short and long-term business goals of clients through strategic, focused, and assertive techniques. Whether small disputes resolved through out-of-court negotiation, to mediation, to trial, Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys are focused on protecting the client’s business.

Sodoma Law is conveniently located just minutes from the courthouse in Charlotte, North Carolina. Our Family Law, Appellate and Estate Planning Practice Groups are located in the historic Walter Brem House. We have a third location, servicing all areas of practice, in Ballantyne.

Complex Commercial Litigation

Business relationships always start with the best of intentions, but sometimes relationships turn sour, resulting in complex commercial disputes.  The experienced commercial litigation attorneys at Sodoma Law offer their clients reliable advice and an assertive litigation style that gets results, whether through filing suit or negotiation.  Our business lawyers have represented large and small businesses in complex commercial litigation, including shopping malls and other retail businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars, construction-related businesses, residential and commercial landlords, and many others.  Let the business lawyers at Sodoma Law help you get back to doing what you do best:  running a successful business.  Learn more about how our commercial litigation attorneys can help you.

Real Estate Litigation

Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants are a frequent part of real estate transactions.  Sodoma Law real estate litigation attorneys understand the litigation landscape of real estate disputes from both the perspective of the landlord and the tenant.  The Sodoma Law real estate litigation attorneys can draft leases to protect your interest in the property and your obligations under the lease.

The Sodoma Law real estate litigation attorneys can also assist if disputes arise under the contract related to the parties’ responsibilities or if eviction is necessary.  Enforcing or not enforcing lease provisions is often a difficult scenario that can lead to further disputes for a landlord or a tenant.  A Sodoma Law real estate litigation attorney can guide a landlord or tenant through the process to avoid additional pitfalls.  Similarly, the eviction process is complex and contains several strict requirements that must be followed.  The Sodoma law real estate litigation attorneys can guide you through the process.

Business Torts and Fraud Litigation

The business litigation attorneys at Sodoma Law are well-versed in handling all types of business tort matters – fraud, intentional and negligent misrepresentation, tortious interference with contract or prospective business relations, breaches of fiduciary duties, and violation of non-compete agreements.  As commercial business expands, business torts occur more frequently.  A business litigation law firm, such as Sodoma Law, can guide you through cases prosecuting or defending business torts.

Business torts are complex and fact-intensive claims that can impact a business’ productivity and bottom-line.   Beyond this, business torts may subject a party to punitive damages, thus increasing the party’s financial exposure.  A business litigation law firm, such as Sodoma Law, can also advise business clients before 9:00 they take certain actions that may lead to claims for business torts.  Involving a business litigation law firm at an early stage may prevent actions that lead to business tort claims. Learn more about how our Fraud Litigation Attorneys can help you.

Construction Litigation

Sodoma Law’s construction litigation attorneys are experienced in both residential and commercial construction litigation claims in all types of areas – delay claims, defect claims, change order disputes,  and bid disputes.  In addition, Sodoma Law’s construction litigation attorneys have represented owners, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and construction managers.

Involving Sodoma Law’s construction litigation attorneys when claims arise during the project may prevent claims from advancing into extensive litigation.  Through negotiation or other preventative dispute measures, a construction litigation attorney can work to resolve claims quickly.  Nevertheless, if construction claims lead to litigation, a Sodoma Law construction litigation attorney can analyze claims, work with expert witnesses, and concisely articulate complex construction issues to juries.  Involving a Sodoma Law construction litigation attorney from the inception of a claim through close-out, can help you efficiently manage the claim to resolution.

Insurance Disputes Litigation

While some insurance companies readily pay claims, others chose to deny legitimate claims without a valid reason or explanation, hoping the insured walks away without fighting for his or her rights.  The insurance law attorneys at Sodoma Law are well aware of the games some insurance companies play, and they are standing by to assist you with recovering the amount you deserve under your policy.  Whether you are at the beginning of filing your claim, or the insurance company has given you an offer for settlement, contact Sodoma Law’s insurance law attorneys to discuss your options.  Sodoma Law handles insurance claims in many areas, including homeowners and business property loss due to fire, flood, and other natural disasters, professional liability coverage, errors & omissions coverage, health insurance, life insurance, and many other types of insurance coverage.  Read more about how our insurance law attorneys can assist you.

Breach of Contract

If you entered into a contract and the other party refused to follow through with their obligations, call the Sodoma Law contract lawyers to discuss your options.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in contract litigation surrounding oral contracts, written contracts, and contracts created through a pattern of dealing between the parties.  Contacting a contract lawyer at the first sign of potential breach ensures your rights under the agreement are protected.  Whether your agreement involves business interests, real estate, construction, insurance, employment, or leasing, our contract lawyers can handle contract litigation in a variety of contexts, including failure to pay, breach of representation and warranties, misrepresentation, and non-performance.  Find out more about contract litigation and how our contract lawyers can assist you.

Shareholder / Member Disputes

Business relationships in the form of shareholder agreements are an essential part of any business relationship.  Shareholder disputes, however, can arise between the shareholders of businesses.  The Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys represent small, medium, and large businesses to resolve simple and complex business disputes.  Shareholder disputes, in particular for small and medium sized companies, can be emotionally driven and detract from the day-to-day operations of the business.

No matter what the cause of the shareholder dispute – financial, strategic, or conflicts of fiduciary duties – the Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys can guide you through the dispute so you can focus on running your business.  We focus on resolving shareholder disputes through cost-effective measures, such as negotiation and mediation.

Franchise Disputes

Sodoma Law’s franchise attorneys are well versed in handling franchise disputes and the unique issues that come with those disputes.  Sodoma Law’s franchise attorneys understand the roles, relationships, and points of leverage for each party involved in franchise disputes.  Whether representing the franchisor or franchisee, Sodoma Law franchise attorneys approach franchise disputes from a holistic view in order to assess all the circumstances that may impact the client’s interests.

Sodoma Law franchise attorneys are familiar with the contractual obligations of the franchisor / franchisee relationship, such as royalty payments, compliance with the franchise system, quality control measures, and non-compete restrictions. As such, when a dispute arises, we can work to resolve the dispute while understanding how the dispute may impact the overall franchise relationship.  Through this, the Sodoma Law franchise attorneys create a strategy to advance the client’s goals.

Class Actions

The class action lawsuit attorneys at Sodoma Law help individuals and businesses that suffered losses due to environmental disasters, consumer fraud, defective products, and other large-scale harm.  As one of Charlotte’s trusted class action law firms, Sodoma Law recognizes that there is strength in numbers—by banding together, those harmed by large corporations can often reach the best result.  The Sodoma Law class action lawsuit attorneys have represented numerous individuals and industries in large-scale class action litigation, including shopping malls and other retail businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars, real estate brokerage firms and agents, not-for-profit organizations and religious institutions, general contractors and other construction-related businesses, commercial landlords, and many others.  As a local and reliable class action law firm, you can expect our attorneys to give your case the individualized attention it deserves.  Learn more about how our class action lawsuit attorneys can help you.

Personal Injury

In addition to representing plaintiffs in personal injury, product liability and medical malpractice cases, our attorneys have previously represented insurance companies, trucking companies, manufacturers, restaurants, doctors and hospitals. Because of that experience, we are uniquely qualified in our knowledge of how to negotiate and litigate against these companies in order to maximize our clients’ financial recovery. Learn about how the attorneys at Sodoma Law can help you receive compensation for your personal injury claim.

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