Breach of Contract

Regardless of the type of business, contracts are a fundamental component of business relationships.  Contracts outline the terms and conditions the parties must comply with during the existence of the contract.  Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys have experience with oral contracts, written contracts, and contracts created through a consistent pattern of dealing between parties.  Our attorneys have represented clients in breach of contract disputes operating in a variety of business industries, real estate, construction, employment, insurance, and leasing.  We can handle contract disputes arising from a variety of issues, including failure to pay, breach of representations and warranties, misrepresentation, and non-performance.

At Sodoma Law, we encourage clients to contact our business litigation attorneys at the first sign of a breach of contract dispute.  Our involvement at an early stage can prevent the contract dispute from entering litigation.  We work closely with our clients to understand the long-term goals of the business relationship, in order to reach an outcome that preserves those goals, yet minimizes risk.  Often times, this involves renegotiating and re-drafting existing contracts as the client’s business needs change over time.

Whether a contract for services or goods, our attorneys can implement creative, aggressive strategies to maximize recovery, mitigate damages, or enforce specific terms of the contract.  As business contracts evolve, the Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys “think outside the box” to develop realistic, protective solutions for contract disputes.  Whether through mediation, arbitration, or trial, the Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys understand the need to protect clients involved in contract disputes.

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