Business Torts and Fraud

Business torts – fraud, intentional and negligent misrepresentation, tortious interference with contract or prospective business relations, breaches of fiduciary duties, and violation of non-compete agreements – can arise in any type of business transaction.  Unfortunately, business torts are becoming more prevalent in our fast-paced business world.   Business torts, whether as independent claims or combined with breach of contract claims, add increased complexity and risk to business disputes.

Most business tort claims involve intentional acts, statements, or omissions by a party that relate to a material component of the contract or transaction.  As such, business tort claims are often complicated in that they are fact-intensive and require proving multiple elements under each claim.  Beyond this, business torts may subject a party to punitive damages, thus increasing the party’s financial exposure.  As a result, whether asserting or defending business tort claims, Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys understand the need for effective representation to address such claims.

Business tort cases extend to all types of business relationships – partnerships, corporations, LLCs, real estate contracts, buy-sell agreements, and sale of goods and services contracts.  The Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys work closely with clients to understand the nature of the business relationship, thus allowing us to appreciate the impact of the business tort on the business relationship.

Armed with that knowledge, our business tort attorneys are well-versed in prosecuting and defending all types of business tort remedies, such as specific performance, restitution, receivership, and asset recovery.   The Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys can advise and protect your business from exposure to business torts.

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