Class Actions

North Carolina Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

When a large number of people have suffered a similar harm they often join together in a class action lawsuit—after all, there is strength in numbers.  The Business Law attorneys at Sodoma Law represent both individuals and businesses in some of the largest class action lawsuits in history.  Let our experience and dedication to full and fair recovery work for you.

Class action lawsuits often involve environmental disasters, consumer fraud, or defective products, and they are typically filed against companies or organizations.  In mass tort litigation, each plaintiff must retain his or her own attorney, even though potentially hundreds of thousands of people may have been affected.

The Sodoma Law team has represented numerous industries in large-scale class action litigation, including shopping malls and other retail businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars, real estate brokerage firms and agents, not-for-profit organizations and religious institutions, general contractors and other construction-related businesses, commercial landlords, and many others.  Call our Business Law team today for a consultation.

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