Commercial Landlord Tenant Law

Disputes between commercial landlords and tenants can cost more than money—many times, property and overall business interests are on the line.  The Business Law attorneys at Sodoma Law are dedicated to helping both commercial landlords and tenants protect their investments through savvy lease drafting, effective lease negotiation, and if necessary, efficient eviction.

Many commercial landlords find themselves in legal hot water after applying seemingly common sense eviction principles to a tenant who has failed to meet their obligations.  North Carolina has many unique and complex laws governing commercial leases and eviction, and running afoul of these rules could result in a legal nightmare.

Whether you are signing a new commercial lease, facing a conflict with a current tenant or landlord, or you have already suffered a breach, hiring aggressive and confident counsel is the best way to protect your rights.  Call the attorneys at Sodoma Law today for a consultation.

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