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Sodoma Law’s construction attorneys represent owners, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and construction managers in both residential and commercial construction projects.  The construction process, regardless of the role you play, begins with a well-drafted construction contract.   The Sodoma Law construction attorneys are experienced in drafting contracts for all size projects under various construction delivery systems.  Nevertheless, we recognize that each construction project is unique and we tailor the contract to meet the client specific needs for that project.

Our construction attorneys recognize that construction contracts must strike a balance between protecting the client’s interests, yet not slowing the flow of work on the project.  Involving a Sodoma Law construction attorney during the contract drafting and negotiation process, may avoid pitfalls from arising during the project. 

Nevertheless, Sodoma Law’s construction attorneys recognize that claims and disputes arise both during and upon completion of a project.  As issues arise during a project, we can assist in assessing and resolving those issues.  We work proactively to resolve disputes through pre-suit negotiation in order to avoid project delays and increased project costs.

If claims arise, our construction attorneys are well-versed in representing clients in and out of court on delay claims, defect claims, change order disputes, and cost overrun claims.  From mediation, to arbitration, to trial, Sodoma Law construction attorneys can represent you through the construction dispute.  From these experiences, we can anticipate and avoid problems that arise during construction projects.  

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