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North Carolina Contract and Commercial Litigators

Contract and commercial disputes keep you from doing what you do best:  running a successful business.  The Business Law attorneys at Sodoma Law are seasoned in commercial litigation with the legal knowledge and skill to help you reach a successful resolution, whether through filing a lawsuit or negotiation.

Although business relationships usually start with the best of intentions, sometimes they turn sour and result in a dispute.  Many people assume nothing can be done, but if you have been treated unfairly in a business or commercial transaction, let our Business Law attorneys fight for your rights.  If all attempts to resolve your dispute have failed, Sodoma Law attorneys offer an aggressive and confident litigation capability.

The Sodoma Law team has represented numerous industries in large-scale commercial litigation, including shopping malls and other retail businesses, hotels, restaurants and bars, real estate brokerage firms and agents, not-for-profit organizations and religious institutions, general contractors and other construction-related businesses, commercial landlords, and many others.

It is very important to discuss contract and commercial disputes quickly after they arise to fashion the best strategy for resolving the conflict.  If your best efforts at solving a business dispute have failed, drop by the Sodoma Law office and the Business Law team will help you with your commercial litigation needs using the most direct  – and timely – path towards a resolution.

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