Shareholder / Member Disputes

The Sodoma Law business litigation attorneys represent small and medium sized businesses, along with closely held corporations, to resolve business disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and trial.  These disputes, similar to individual or family law disputes, can be emotionally taxing on those involved.  Moreover, such disputes are often multi-faceted, involving many moving parts.  If the disputes are not managed properly, the businesses’ day-to-day operations and future may be impacted.  At Sodoma, we understand the nature of shareholder and member disputes, such that we can advocate on your behalf – so you can focus on running your business.

Shareholder / member disputes can arise from a variety of variables – succession planning, differences in strategic vision, disparate financial commitments, and breaches of fiduciary duties.   Prior to disputes arising, we can advise you on implementing business practices, procedures, and protocols tailored to protecting your business, yet allowing it to operate efficiently.

Nevertheless, we recognize that disputes may persist and lead to litigation.  In order to develop the appropriate strategy to resolve the disputes, in a manner that meets the client’s objectives, Sodoma law business litigation attorneys engage to understand the dynamics of each case and the critical documents affecting each party’s rights.  While we are always prepared to resolve disputes at trial, we also understand the benefit to clients of reaching cost-effective resolutions short of trial.

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