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Entertainment Law

It can be exciting to get attention for your creative work or tempting to invest time and capital into an evolving artist or film. However, don’t become a cautionary tale. Every agreement concerning entertainment services should be carefully planned and in writing. DIY Form agreements you might find online might not necessarily meet your circumstances or provide the protection you need. The experienced attorneys at Sodoma Law can help new and seasoned artists review and revise form agreements; or, we can prepare a contract that is specifically tailored to your needs. Our attorneys can help you artfully negotiate the terms that might be included in such a contract to help balance your short-term growth goals, as well as your long-range plan for a successful future in the entertainment business.

At Sodoma Law we will work with you to understand your goals and empower you to protect your hard work. In the entertainment industry, skilled legal advice and detailed planning are essential to success. From television and film, to music and the performing arts, the entertainment law attorneys at Sodoma Law can assist you with navigating the complex legal landscape surrounding your project. Sodoma Law is one of a handful of firms in the region with experience representing recording artists, producers, managers, production companies, filmmakers, artists, authors, booking agencies, financiers, and others in their creative work.

Our attorneys work alongside artists and agents alike to assist with artist management, publishing, tour management, live performance, distribution, songwriting, and other music and performance-based contracts. We assist with film and television contracts, including production and development, licensing and merchandising, purchasing, and cast agreements, and participant and appearance releases, among others. We also work on film financing agreements and services, including the creation of corporate financing entities and the drafting of funding agreements. Additionally, our firm handles writing and publishing contracts, including script submission and solicitation, book contracts, digital and multimedia publishing, and purchasing. Sodoma Law also handles fine arts contracts, including art sale contracts, commissioning of art, exhibition loans, and model releases.

Whether you are an entertainer or an entertainment industry professional, Sodoma Law understands that a successful career in the industry requires not only creativity and talent, but smart business decisions. Sodoma Law’s Entertainment Law attorneys are here to support you through the process so you can focus on your creative goals, while we handle the legal details.

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Sports Law

Sports Law attorneys at Sodoma Law understand the business and legal needs facing professional athletes, coaches and sports teams. Our attorneys have expansive knowledge of how professional sports teams operate through working directly with athletes and coaches, and through marketing, sponsorship, and sales assistance for professional sports teams. By combining practical sports industry experience with expansive legal skill sets, Sodoma Law can meet the business and legal demands facing athletes, coaches and sports teams.

We advise sports teams in the areas of business formation, branding, licensing, sponsorship agreements and negotiation, leasing, real estate, employment matters, and litigation. The sports industry is a unique world that creates legal issues distinctive from other areas of law. Whether it be business formation, branding, licensing, sponsorship, negotiation, leasing, real estate, employment matters, litigation or otherwise – we can help protect your interests.

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