Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Divorce

Separation and divorce are emotional situations. When you are focused on the important issues of alimony, equitable distribution, child custody and child support, the fact that you may or may not have an estate plan that also needs updating is likely the furthest thing from your mind. Most clients would be surprised to learn a separation doesn’t immediately end an existing estate plan. Sodoma Law’s Family Law Practice Group is keenly aware of the traps for the unwary that can befall an estate plan not revisited after a separation or divorce. If you have named your soon-to-be ex-spouse as your durable power of attorney, healthcare agent, executor or trustee, he or she may have broader powers than you would want. Depending on the nature of the circumstances, at best it would be less than ideal and at worst it could be a disaster.

That’s why we use a teamwork approach to bring clients to together with the right practice group. If you’re working with our Family Law Practice Group and have questions about your existing estate plan or creating a new plan, ask to speak with our Estate Planning attorneys. We can update or prepare a comprehensive estate plan that takes account of your current and future needs. And, because we’re all under the same roof, it’s just a short trip down the hall.

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