Estate Planning

Estate Planning for Surrogates

Surrogate families and same-sex families require planning like everyone else, and cookie-cutter estate plans won’t always work. The current state of North Carolina’s laws on the recognition of same-sex marriage and gender equality make the need to establish or update their plans even more pressing. Let Sodoma Law’s Estate Planning Group work with you to create a personalized plan for your particular situation. Failing to properly plan, or hoping that jointly owned property or survivorship accounts will solve the problem, may effectively relinquish any control you have over the disposition of your estate. The lack of any kind of estate plan can result in the people you wanted, or expected, to receive your property being completely left out. The current uncertainty over the status of same-sex marriage in North Carolina has made the need for planning even more important. Don’t let a failure to plan determine who is most important in your life.

While estate planning is most often thought of in terms of having a Last Will and Testament, it also encompasses the practice of preparing durable powers of attorney, healthcare directives, guardianship and hospital visitation letters. For surrogate families, the inclusion of these ‘lifetime’ documents may be even more pressing. Under the current climate with each State determining what it means to be married, surrogate families and same-sex spouses might find themselves in the unusual position of being married in State A but no more than friends in State B. This makes the need for lifetime estate planning with powers of attorney of utmost concern. Protect yourself and your loved ones by taking the time to talk with our Estate Planning Group. You do have options, and we can help you structure a plan to serve all your needs.

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