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Every case is different, but regardless of the nuances of your unique set of circumstances, it all starts with developing a theory of the case from which to work. Considering what the focus of any given case should be ideally begins at the initial consultation and develops from there with appropriate attorney/client communication, presentation and consideration of options, solid decision-making and, ultimately, a coherent plan to present a concise story to the Court targeted towards the relief sought. While this may seem like a simple idea that takes you from beginning to end, there is actually significant thoughtful work and careful planning that must happen in between to reach a successful outcome. An experienced litigation attorney can help create this plan and bring it to fruition.

With over 30 years of combined litigation experience, Nicole Sodoma has consulted on a variety of cases within and outside of North Carolina and South Carolina. Whether you are a client with litigation pending who might be looking for additional support or creativity, or an attorney or firm that needs to add another layer to your trial preparation, we are here to help.

The idea of offering litigation consulting services came as a result of consulting on a complex child custody matter in Virginia where multiple temporary hearings spanned over a period of months. As a litigation consultant on the case, she communicated with the client and summarized her thoughts and feedback for the trial attorney; she reviewed the prior hearing transcripts and then strategized with counsel about other approaches they could take and her assessment of the Judge’s positioning in the case. During this process, she received, reviewed and prepared trial exhibits for portions of the permanent custody trial; and she even assisted with testimony outlines. It was a successful collaboration for many reasons. It provided relief for the client in having the attention to detail she desired but could not have feasibly received from a smaller practice. It also provided the trial attorney with the additional help with the strategy and preparation they needed to move the case forward to the permanent trial. She also served in the role of Litigation Manager at her prior firm which entailed weekly strategy sessions with multiple attorneys on a high volume of cases, including attending client meetings, mediation and court events with the lead attorneys as necessary to help facilitate advancement of the client’s cases.

This is just one example of how litigation consulting could work for both clients and attorneys alike. If you think a litigation consultant might be key in your next case, Nicole can talk with you about how they may be able to assist with your case from initial planning to mediation, arbitration or trial. Let us help you push your case to the next level.

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