Stage with three white stage lights lighting the words Quick Tips To Building A Career In EntertainmentMost professionals in the Entertainment business agree that there are a few key components to forging a career in the entertainment business. The following feedback was compiled from surveying a wide range of entertainment industry professionals:

Work Ethic
This was by far the top response. Considering how many people want to work in the entertainment business, having a solid work ethic to be competitive is essential. It will help you retain the opportunities that do come along and turn them into new ones. Your reputation is your legacy.

The old saying about “who you know” couldn’t ring truer than in the entertainment business. Building the right relationships can make the difference in taking your career to the next level. Committing time and attention to networking and branding is a must.

No matter how talented someone may be there is always room for improvement. No one is immune from the continuing education process. Technology and trends change so quickly, you must keep up to survive. Whether it’s taking vocal lessons or getting coached by a mentor about branding concepts, the learning process should never end.

Trusted Advisors
Lawyers, agents, and business managers are just some of the professionals who can work with you in defining goals and planning the best path to meet them. They can help make connections, direct you on protecting your work, provide advice on financial arrangements, and assistance with negotiating and securing contracts, among other things. It is important to build a team you trust to give meaningful recommendations for your career growth.

Without a defined timeline and goals, you could easily get off track and waste time. It is important to set realistic goals and timelines for yourself so that you can map out the best course to get there. “It is highly encouraged that you review your timeline and goals with one of your trusted advisors, as an added accountability measure, to ensure that your goals, game plan, and skill set are aligned.”

Rejection is standard in the entertainment business. You have to be willing to take the critique, learn from it, and decide for yourself if any adjustments should be applied to your plan. A criticism does not necessarily mean you have to change. It may simply mean you are not right for that particular project at that particular moment. Accept feedback graciously and then decide how you might grow from it. There is a delicate balance in being flexible but maintaining your core values.

You must have a side hustle or three, and a back-up plan, because a dedicated and financially sound career in entertainment is rare and typically not a quick start-up. Make sure you have many options to support yourself on this journey.

While it may be tempting to make sacrifices or cut corners early on in the process, it is important that you lay this solid foundation for yourself so that you have the leverage you need to carve out a successful and long term career.

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