With thousands of domestic cases being filed each year, high conflict custody cases continue to be on the rise in Mecklenburg County.  Whether custody issues are resolved through consent of the parties or through a lengthy trial, it is impossible to incorporate every issue or event that may impact your clients and their children.  Parenting Coordinators are extensively trained to deal with parents who have on-going disputes well after separation and the entry of their temporary or permanent custody order.  Though the case may be over for his or her attorney, a new chapter is just beginning for the family in dispute and the children who are so often caught in the middle.  If you are unfamiliar with the Parenting Coordinator Statute, the available resources, and the appointment and effective use of a Parenting Coordinator, then you should not miss this CLE presented by Sodoma Law Attorneys and Parenting Coordinators Nadia Margherio and Nicole Sodoma.

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