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Sodoma Law introduces free webinar series that tackles your questions on divorce, domestic violence, adoption, surrogacy, and beyond.

Our careers at Sodoma Law surpass practicing law in the courtroom to being advocates for our community. We believe a key part of being an advocate is identifying opportunities for education and providing it. The objective of our Family Law Academy webinar series, hosted by some of our family law and business attorneys, is to provide insight into the world of premarital agreements, separation and divorce, child custody, alimony, collaborative divorce, coparenting, and more.

We know you’ve got questions. We are on a mission to answer them.

“The Family Law Academy webinar series is a natural extension of our core values or what we call ‘The Sodoma Way,’” said Nicole Sodoma, Managing Principal, Sodoma Law. “Empowering our clients to better understand how the law can help (or hurt) them as they navigate changes associated with their family or business. This series provides an easily accessible resource. The reality is that sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know – we are giving families and business owners the opportunity to get ahead and stay ahead.”

Family Law Academy seminars will occur once a month from April through November 2017. You can find a list of topics by month below. Please note, our August and October webinars will be hosted live and in person. In addition, all Family Law Academy webinars are recorded and are easily accessible on demand or on Sodoma Law’s YouTube channel.

Upcoming Webinar Topics

July – Making the Decision to Divorce – Is Divorce Right for You?
August – Collaborative Law & Divorce
September – Co-Parenting & Custody Agreements
October – Domestic Violence & Your Family
November – Adoption Awareness


April – Divorce & Your Business

May – What to Expect When Expecting to Divorce

June – Prenuptials, Postnuptials, & Beyond

Disclaimer: All information discussed in Sodoma Law’s Family Law Academy Webinars is for educational purposes only. The information an individual receives is for general purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. Your privacy is important to us. Therefore, should you choose to remain anonymous during this webinar please use a nickname in lieu of your real name or full name.
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