Workplace Harassment Resources

Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

At Sodoma Law, we represent employers and employees as they navigate the waters of employment and labor practices. Employment Law governs the relationship between employers and employees on both a federal and state level. It seeks to establish the work environment expectations, prevent discrimination, as well as promote health and safety in the workplace. Other areas of help can include issues related to work disputes and if necessary, in resignations and terminations from the workplace.

Our employment law practice group represents both corporations and individuals in state and federal discrimination cases. Discrimination cases include race, age, gender (including sexual orientation), disability, and retaliation in the workplace. Not only can an employment attorney help a business prepare for, and hopefully prevent, sexual harassment in the workplace by implementing tools like an employment handbook and reporting policies but they can also help employees who are victims of sexual assault and discrimination

Learn more about Sodoma Law’s Employment Practice and visit our FAQ page for more information.



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