Co-Parenting, There’s an App for That!

Part of being a tenacious Family Law attorney is identifying creative and unique ways to help our clients, and their families, cope with whatever life-changing transition they may be experiencing.  When it comes to divorce and co-parenting, finding the right tools to help families take on some of the more challenging situations that can accompany these situations is just part of what we do at Sodoma Law.

In the age of modern day divorce, the use of apps to ease common co-parenting pains is not just trendy – it’s smart. The use of mobile phones and tablets give parents access to important information at the tips of their fingers, making co-parenting with an ex easier to conquer than ever before. Here are a couple of the best-rated apps on the market for organizing, tracking, and communicating between households, and with one another

  • Co-Parenting Apps – These co-parenting apps may include management software, shopping lists, document storage, and tools designed to help families organize schedules, track activities, manage expenses, and exchange important information.
  • Our Favorite: Our Family Wizard, a tool created by a divorced couple that was looking for a better way to exchange information and communicate about their children. Available on all major platforms, this app includes a calendar, message board, important information bank, expense log, journal and more. In addition, parents are able to upload expenses for tracking and reimbursement.

If you’re looking for a free virtual calendaring platform, parents should also consider using Gmail to set up a central family e-mail address and calendar in one place. Still easily accessible with a shared username and password, this account can even be used to store information and documents important for school contact information and for extracurricular activities such as sports, or after school daycare.

An experienced family law attorney can work with you and your family to determine if these options or others are viable solutions. Parenting Coordinators, Guardian ad litem, and therapists are also great resources that can all work together to support families during their transition into a new or different family dynamic.

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