Did you know that there was a chance that the legislature could eliminate funding for North Carolina’s Family Courts?  On May 16, 2012, the legislative session will begin and will move very quickly on this issue.  Its time to advocate!  Unless the budget is restored, 44% of all domestic filings in North Carolina will be negatively impacted.  Family Courts exist in 13 judicial districts covering 22 counties (including Mecklenburg) in North Carolina.  In essence, 44% of all domestic cases filed in North Carolina are managed by Family Court personnel.  Restoration of Family Court funding is critical.   Without it, the median age of cases could jump from 90 days to 272 days.  Without it, the percentage of cases pending over one year could jump from 19.8% to 43.6%.    On these merits alone, this program should survive; however, with an uncertain state budget, advocacy is needed.  For more information or to volunteer, contact our Mecklenburg County’s Trial Court Administrator’s Office.

(Information obtained from Mecklenburg Juvenile & Family Court Today – Issue dated March 2012)

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