Family Matters: Divorce and Your Child’s Future

Most of us have heard the advice, “it’s never too soon to start saving for college.” But, how would you handle saving for your child’s future if you were in the middle of a divorce? Robin Lalley of Sodoma Law details ideas on how to continue saving for the future through separation agreements and legal contracts.

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Social Media and Your Legal Case

My Mother used to say, “If you don’t want it read, don’t write it down.” If only she’d known how applicable those words would become in the age of social media and technology. Read what Sodoma Law has to say about social media and how it can affect your legal case.

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Girls on the Run 5k

Girls on the Run participants, families, friends, coaches, sponsors and community members have the opportunity to come together to participate in the celebration. Proceeds from the event will benefit Girls on the Run of Union County so that all girls who wish to participate will have the opportunity…

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