Can You Put a Price Tag on Love?

In many ways, when you say “I do,” you are embarking on a business venture with your new spouse. While a business can be set up to ensure each person involved gets out of the business what he or she puts into it, the same is not always true of marriage. In the unfortunate event that your marriage comes to an end, in North Carolina, there is a strong presumption that each spouse will walk away with half of the marital property – both assets and debts.

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Spousal Support and Your Business

Managing your love life and business life can be challenging for anyone — especially when the two are intertwined.
In June, singer Mary J. Blige was ordered by the Superior Court of California — Los Angeles — to pay her ex-husband Martin “Kendu” Isaacs — who was also her ex-manager — $30,000 a month in temporary spousal support.

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Choosing Independence – Is Divorce Right For Me?

The fireworks are flying. It is loud and heating up. No, this isn’t a Fourth of July celebration. It’s your home and you are fighting with your spouse. Again. Maybe you have finally decided you have had enough. If you are considering choosing your independence and wanting to take steps to separate, you may be wondering, ”Is Divorce right for me?”

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Adoptive Parents and Workplace Rights

Adoption: it can be a daunting journey, but its conclusion – becoming a parent – is worth all the steps needed. Women in the workforce seeking to adopt a child have more resources available to them than they may know. As with any legal matter, it is vital to become educated in the process – and regarding your rights.

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Hold the Pepperoni! Child Support Paid in Pizza?

This spring, a court in Italy ruled that a financially strapped chef can pay child support in the form of pizza in lieu of money. While this story might make us chuckle, anyone going through determination of child support knows it’s no laughing matter for the families involved. The more you know going into the courtroom, the better prepared you are to make sure the final determination of support will meet the needs of your children while also taking into consideration each party’s income. So, how is child support determined?

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“Nesting” – Does It Count in Court and Is It Right for You?

Starting down the path to divorce is almost never easy. In addition to the emotional turmoil, there are the practical concerns, perhaps the most primary of which is where each spouse will live. When children are involved, this concern becomes even more urgent as children can be emotionally invested in the family home or there is a need to make the children feel less impacted by the transition resulting from an anticipated separation.

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The Freedom to Choose – Career Changes

This time of year, if you listen closely, you can almost hear the words “freedom” and “independence” ringing through the air. For many, these words represent hard work, perseverance, justice, the American dream. Sometimes that freedom comes in the form of changing careers, or venturing out to start your own business.

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Why Sodoma Law York?

When Sodoma Law opened in 2008, my guiding vision was clear: to surround myself with tenacious, smart, compassionate legal professionals who really care about our clients like family. As we approach our 10th year together, we are…

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Writing a Business Contract?

Joel N. Sussman a Business News Daily Contributor interviews and quotes Sodoma Law's very own John C. Woodman for his article "Writing a Business Contract? Check It Over Before Anyone Signs"

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