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Sodoma Law is a family-focused and family-driven firm; you’ll feel this from the moment you walk in our door. Whether you need a divorce lawyer in Charlotte NC for a high-conflict divorce, your desire to create a family, or you have a question about your estate plan or your business, our attorneys can help. Further, our multi-disciplinary approach means that we understand the interconnectedness of life’s events.

Sodoma Law, P.C. has a main office conveniently located just minutes from the courthouse in Charlotte, North Carolina. We also have offices in South Charlotte in the Ballantyne area as well as Monroe, North Carolina.

Family Law Primary Practice Areas


Divorce Lawyer

Finding a divorce lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina can be overwhelming as there are so many to choose from. Choosing the right divorce attorney is important because you are relying on him or her to help get you through the difficult divorce process. Although you may think every divorce lawyer is the same, in fact, that is far from the truth.  In order to pick the right divorce attorney, take into consideration the following: communication and caseload, comfort, cost, reputation and experience.  If you keep these factors in mind, you are one step closer to finding the right divorce lawyer for you.  Find out more about Divorce law and our lawyers approach.


If you are contemplating divorce or separation, or have been served with a divorce complaint, you are probably thinking: What is alimony? Am I going to receive alimony or pay alimony?  There are no guidelines or calculation to determine the amount of alimony (also known as spousal support) in North Carolina; however, a number of factors are written into state law to help the court decide whether alimony should be paid, how much should be awarded, and for how long. Because the factors to determine alimony can be difficult to quantify, you should consider meeting with an experienced divorce and alimony attorney to explore your options. Read more about how our Alimony Attorneys can help you.

Child Support

The process of accurately calculating a child support award can be daunting; however, an online child support calculator is a great tool to help guide you through the process.  Child Support is based on gross monthly wages of both parents, along with some credits, and may change depending on the child custody parenting schedule.  Once you have calculated the child support amount, the next step to consider is how you will receive or pay your child support payments.  Child support payments can be paid by direct deposit, paycheck withholding or with the help of Child Support Enforcement services.    Lawyers can be a valuable asset when dealing with the process of calculating child support payments, entering an order and pursuing enforcement or modification of the child support amount. Learn more about how our experienced Charlotte family law attorneys can help you.

Child Custody

Though many parents who are going through a separation and divorce use words like “sole custody” to describe what they believe will happen in their cases, those terms are frequently considered outdated in North Carolina family courts.  Instead, child custody is described using the words such as primary custody, secondary custody and joint custody.  Understanding what these words mean for your case, particularly in conjunction with legal custody, and how decisions are made for your children, is critical for every parent. North Carolina child custody laws look to the best interests of the child when making a child custody determination. Our Child Custody Lawyers will be able to answer your child custody questions by further explaining these terms and how they apply to your children. Learn more about how our Child Custody Attorneys can help you.

Other Family Law Practice Areas


 Employment Law

Employment law governs on both a federal and state level the relationship between employers and employees. Employment law attorneys work with clients to establish positive work environment expectations, prevent discrimination, promote health and safety in the workplace, and, if necessary, in separations from the work place for various reasons. At Sodoma Law we represent both corporations and individuals in discrimination cases, unemployment hearings and appeals, and negotiating employment contracts and severance agreements.

We represent many small to medium-sized businesses that may not have human resources offices to handle employee issues. We can also help as an outside resource on a regular or as-needed basis to help navigate these sometimes difficult waters. Just a handful of items we help employers with include: employee handbooks, development of human resource policies and procedures, hiring and termination employees and severance agreements.

North Carolina employers can terminate employees “at will,” meaning at any time for any reason, and they are not required by law to give a reason. However, in some cases it is illegal for your employer to terminate you for specific reasons such as age, or gender. At Sodoma Law we represent employees in cases of discrimination, retaliation, sexual harassment, disability, employment contracts, EEOC charges and lawsuits, and severance agreements.


Estate Planning Primary Practice Areas


Business Attorney Services

Our Business Litigation Group can work with all types of businesses to resolve disputes both in and out of court.  From small disputes to complex trials, our Business Litigation Group can advise clients on all types of business disputes, including but not limited to, breach of contract, fraud / misrepresentation, real estate disputes, class action claims, and construction disputes.


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