Parenting Coordinator

Parenting Coordinator

A Parenting Coordinator is either an attorney or mental health professional approved and appointed by the Court or consented to between parents who assists in implementing Custody Orders. A Parenting Coordinator works with the parents to reduce conflict, improve communication skills and teach co-parenting techniques.  Qualified coordinators must hold a Masters or Doctorate degree in psychology, law, social work, counseling or a similar field. Additionally they must have at least five (5) years experience in the area of family law.

Role of a Parenting Coordinator

As provided by the Local Rules of Mecklenburg County and North Carolina General Statute, a Parenting Coordinator can reduce conflict between parents, can work with parents to teach them better communication skills, child development and children’s issues specific to divorce, can work with parents to enhance their relationships with their children, and can resolve parenting disputes if a conflict arises and the issue is not addressed in the parties’ Court Order. An Order appointing a PC sets out specific issues for the PC to work on with the parties.  The Order can also set out the PC’s authority to make small minor decision regarding the child, if the parents after working with the PC are still in disagreement.

The parties may request a PC appointment from the Court or may include it in their Custody Order. The Court may also appoint one on its own motion if the Court believes that the children’s best interest would be served by such appointment and the court determines it is a high conflict case.

As certified coordinators, Nicole H. SodomaNadia A. Margherio, Penelope L. Hefner, and Robin M. Lalley can help families by applying the knowledge gained through their family law practice, skills in the courtroom, PC training and personal family experience.

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