Guardian ad litem

Guardian ad Litem

Are you getting divorced?  Are you fighting over custody?  Are in disagreement with the opposing party about what you think is best for of your minor child? Have you thought about giving your child a voice?  When parents are in the middle of a high conflict custody dispute during their separation and or divorce, parties often lose sight of what is best for their child.  To ensure that their child remains the center of attention for all of the right reasons, the Court on its own Motion, on a motion filed by either party or by consent of the parties can request that the Court appoint a Guardian ad litem, otherwise known as a best interest attorney, to represent their child.

Sodoma Law offers experienced private Guardian ad litem (GAL) services. A GAL is charged with the responsibility of representing the best interest of minor child(ren) caught in the middle of hotly contested custody and or visitation disputes. The purpose of the GAL is to advocate and to protect the best interest of the innocent parties, the minor child(ren), while litigation is pending. The GAL’s job is to act only on behalf of the child(ren), independent of the positions taken by either parent or party to the action. The GAL, after conducting a thorough assessment of the case, makes recommendations to the parties’ attorneys and ultimately to the Judge. The ultimate goal of the GAL is to provide quality, best interest representation and to facilitate settlement since what is ultimately best for the child(ren) is to resolve the disputes outside of the courtroom.

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