Appellate Practice

Appellate Practice

Contested family law matters that cannot be resolved outside of the courtroom are heard in our trial courts. But, not all cases end there. Sometimes, it is necessary to seek review of a trial court’s decision by a higher court. The need to appeal a divorce decision is not uncommon. Effective representation in such appeals requires knowledge and skills beyond those necessary to represent a client at trial.  In fact, the rules governing matters in trial courts are very different from those rules that govern matters on appeal.  It is imperative that your appellate counsel have a thorough understanding of the applicable statutes and the Rules of Appellate Procedure.  Even unintentional violations of these rules may cause you to lose your appeal before your argument can be heard.

Planning to Appeal a Divorce or Other Matter Begins Before the Trial Ends

The possibility of an appeal cannot be an afterthought.  Waiting until the trial is over and the judgment is entered to consider an appellate strategy is ineffective advocacy.  All stages of litigation provide opportunities for an attorney to protect her client’s interests in the event the matter is appealed to a higher court, and the best attorney will begin planning to appeal a divorce or other matter from the moment she drafts the initial pleadings.  Such forethought and preparation requires a solid understanding of the complexities of appellate litigation.  

Our attorneys have years of experience in appellate litigation, including arguing cases on appeal as well as clerking for appellate judges. We understand the intricacies of appellate practice and the decision-making process of our appellate court judges.

Whether you received a favorable ruling from the trial court that is being appealed by the opposing party, or you desire a review of a ruling that was unfavorable to your interests, the Appellate Practice Group at Sodoma Law can help.

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