How to Survive your First Holidays After Divorce

The holidays can be bleak after your marriage ends. It seems like every holiday movie, TV show and song is about togetherness, which is tough to hear after devoting so much energy to splitting apart. Your holiday routine dissolved with your marriage and you have more

4 Reasons you may not want to Sign a Prenup

A prenup is worth considering for several reasons. After all, it helps manage expectations of what happens during and after a divorce. Without one, state divorce laws will help determine what happens to assets in the event of a spousal split. That may be the case more

Corporate Divorce Law: What Business Owners Need to Know

A common recipe for business partners parting ways, also known as a “corporate divorce,” generally involves three factors: (1) differing approaches to financial decisions, (2) differing visions of the future direction and growth of the company and (3) failing more