Why Sodoma Law York?

When Sodoma Law opened in 2008, my guiding vision was clear: to surround myself with tenacious, smart, compassionate legal professionals who really care about our clients like family. As we approach our 10th year together, we are…

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Writing a Business Contract?

Joel N. Sussman a Business News Daily Contributor interviews and quotes Sodoma Law’s very own John C. Woodman for his article “Writing a Business Contract? Check It Over Before Anyone Signs” Read John's Tips and Recommendations on Business News...read more

3 Things Unmarried Parents Need to Know

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby…you know the rest. But for millions of unmarried parents, the middle section of the old nursery rhyme doesn’t apply: in 2013, there were 7 million unmarried-partner households in the United States. Read the 3...read more

Amicable Divorce: Not Always an Oxymoron (just ask Ben & Jen)

Even if it doesn’t feel like a possibility at this moment, choosing a process for your separation and divorce that consciously looks to avoid the adversarial approach to dealing with all of the issues that traditionally come with the territory might allow you to...read more