Sodoma Law’s Walter Brem House Joins the Dilworth Home Tour

In 2017 the historic Walter Brem House is joining the 45th Annual Dilworth Home Tour. Tour goers will have the opportunity to stop by, pick up tour information, and explore one of the oldest houses in historic Dilworth, or just sip a cool beverage on the sprawling porch. Plus, don’t forget to pick up your Charlotte Bcycle and enjoy the tour, and the weather, this year!

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A Lawyer’s Tips on Protecting Yourself from the Storm

Protect your valuables: Protect keepsakes in waterproof containers and/or take the items with you if you evacuate. Also, make sure important documents, such as an insurance policy or mortgage papers, are stored in a safe deposit or fire safe box. Make a backup set more

Can You Put a Price Tag on Love?

In many ways, when you say “I do,” you are embarking on a business venture with your new spouse. While a business can be set up to ensure each person involved gets out of the business what he or she puts into it, the same is not always true of marriage. In the unfortunate event that your marriage comes to an end, in North Carolina, there is a strong presumption that each spouse will walk away with half of the marital property – both assets and debts.

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