Collaborative Divorce When Kids Are Involved

When most people hear the words “divorce proceedings,” it conjures up scary images of impersonal courtrooms and the airing of the marriage’s dirty laundry in court. When children are involved, words you never thought would impact you — alienation, abandonment, abuse — more

Domestic Violence and the LGBTQ Community

Domestic Violence impacts more than just opposite-sex couples. A recent state Supreme Court decision has opened doors, affording same-sex couples protections against domestic violence where there were none. As we progress forward, advancing protection for more

Sodoma Law Announces Mediation Practice

Russ Brinson and Patra Sinner of Sodoma Law are well known for their dedication to their clients and team members. In order to provide the best resolutions possible, as of August 10, 2017 Sodoma Law offers mediation services through both Sodoma Law attorneys. more