What 10 Lady Bosses Wish They Knew at 25

They say it’s important to find mentors, and who better to be your mentor than a successful woman who’s already figured it all out? Managing principal of the Sodoma Law Firm, Nicole Sodoma, gives her advice to young women on what she wishes she knew at 25.

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Workplace Harrasment: How Is Your Company Responding?

In light of the scandals that toppled high-profile figures, along with the #Metoo movement, more women are coming forward about sexual harassment cases in the workplace. How is your company responding to these newly aired complaints? Read comments from Nicole Sodoma and Russ Brinson in this post from Inc.

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Nicole Sodoma’s Fighting Spirit Helps Resolve Family Feuds

Nicole Sodoma, managing principal of Sodoma Law Firm, was interviewed by Business North Carolina about her drive to resolve family disputes and pursue the field of family law. The interview touches on Nicole Sodoma’s fighting spirit and achievements as a woman in the law field.

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LGBTQ Workers Protected Under the Civil Rights Act

The recent United States Court of Appeals ruled that the Civil Rights Act does protect LGBTQ workers from discrimination. Sodoma Law attorney, Russ Brinson, details this new development and what it could possibly mean for LGBTQ workers in the Carolinas in his recent article on Qnotes.

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Collaborative Divorce When Kids Are Involved

When most people hear the words “divorce proceedings,” it conjures up scary images of impersonal courtrooms and the airing of the marriage’s dirty laundry in court. When children are involved, words you never thought would impact you — alienation, abandonment, abuse —...read more