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Family of five balancing on a teetertotter.Divorce is difficult on the entire family, and co-parenting through separation, divorce and beyond presents many challenges. Join us each month as the associates and staff at Sodoma Law share insights, tips, and strategies for creating a successful environment for ex-partners and children alike.

Over the next few months, we will be writing about various questions we receive at our consults. Some of the questions are ones you may have thought about but are afraid to ask – others are general in nature but will address rumors of what happens when you separate. As we address these questions, remember – no two cases are alike, the answers may not always fit into your situation and definitely may not be what you want to hear. While we are unable to offer legal advice, we encourage you to use the questions and answers as a guide or a platform so that when you meet with your attorney and you have to make those hard decisions, you will know more about your options. We’re looking forward to teaching our readers some basics of Family Law!

First up – Once you have decided that you and your spouse may separate, there are many issues that must be addressed. When choosing an attorney, make sure you have done your homework, to avoid investing in hiring the wrong one for you. Sometimes, the most expensive or the most outwardly aggressive may not be the right choice. Research online, ask friends (if appropriate), and determine who will best suit you and your family. Consider your goals, both financial and with regards to child custody. Try to create your list of questions in advance, as once you get to the consultation, if you are receiving the right education, then you are likely to feel overwhelmed with the amount of information offered to you.

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