Robin Lalley Attorney Sodoma LawRobin Lalley is a hands-on, dedicated attorney who truly enjoys the ins and outs of family law. Her attendance at Western Carolina University exposed her to a melting pot of experiences leaving the big question, “Where to next?” Would she get her business degree or take a step in a different direction? Thankfully, she decided to continue with legal studies! And, now where can you find Robin when she is not practicing law or spending time with family? Robin devotes her time to volunteer work. From the Union County Symphony to the Red Cross, Robin has tirelessly contributed to our community. Did you know that she has either attended and/or planned the last seven! Red Cross Rhapsody in Red Galas? Find out more about her interests and what she loves about practicing law in this edition of Get to Know Sodoma Law!

College Food Tragedies

Robin’s most challenging job involved working at one of the campus food courts while attending college. Throughout a typical day, things were easier, but watch out for weekends! “I always had to work either Friday or Saturday night until we closed,” she said. By close, she means 2:00 a.m. in the morning! “I had to make made-to-order sandwiches for inebriated college kids,” she continued, “and there was always a rush at 1:45 a.m. right before closing.” It cannot be easy to take an order from someone who has had a little too much! “I had to translate a lot of incomprehensible orders,” she laughed. Don’t worry, those crazy kids at closing time did a great job preparing her for the fast-paced environment of a law firm like Sodoma Law.

A Future of Office Work

Since Robin was pursuing her general business degree before turning to law, she shared, “I probably would be in an office job, I could have seen myself as an Human Resources Director or Counselor,” she said. Without the insight from that very first intro legal class, her path might have taken a different turn. “After getting my MBA, I would have taken the first well-paying job I found,” she explained. “This alternative path has its own set of perks, including getting to come to work at a place I love every day.”

Her Way of Taking a Day Off

Everyone has that one food they would eat for the rest of their life if there were no consequences. “No question – filet cooked medium rare and a loaded baked potato,” Robin said about her food for life. “Maybe some kind of vegetable on the side, just to be healthy.”

On a rare day off, you will not find her in the gym or running a marathon. “I’m definitely not one of those people who exercises to relax,” she explained. For some, exercise is just not relaxing and many people can relate! “That’s great for other people, but not me!” she exclaimed. “I’d probably go to the movies, cook dinner at home, and read my latest book club selection,” she continued. Hey, a little relaxing sounds good to us too!

What She Enjoys About Family Law

Growing up as an adopted child provided a different perspective, which has continued to be helpful to each of her clients. “For me, the true gift of practicing family law comes from the interactions you have and the relationships you build with clients,” she said. Dealing directly with people who are experiencing a difficult time provides an opportunity to make a difference. “Without our clients to support and help, the practice of law would mean nothing,” she explained. Her patience, understanding, and practicality have been a blessing to clients and to our family at Sodoma Law!

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